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Bike Fitting

** Due to scheduling conflicts and high demand, we are currently booking bike fittings out for early August of 2024**

The fit of a rider to their bicycle is fundamental for successful riding and racing. A proper bike fit increases power output, reduces your chance for injury, and can drastically improve how comfortable you are on the bike. At Drummond Custom Cycles we combine some of the best fitting technology available with years of fit experience, and knowledge of biomechanics. We offer two tiers of service to completely dial in your new or existing bike fit.

Existing Bike Fit

If you already have a bike you love, we are happy to assess your current riding position, and make the adjustments that are necessary to optimize your performance and comfort. We measure you and the dimensions of your bike, take a wide range of variables into consideration (riding style, pedaling technique, old injuries, skeletal physiology), and then apply our wealth of experience to help move you into your ideal position. Oftentimes, this process involves both riding in the shop and out on the road, as the true feel of the fit is only truly appreciated in a dynamic riding situation. Once we have hit the mark, we provide you with all of the measurements for reference. This service takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and costs $200.

Comprehensive Bike Fit

A comprehensive bike fit is just that – full-on, top-to-bottom, all-things-considered, bike and rider optimization. We start with a detailed interview where we consider your goals, riding style, and concerns. We then do a series of body measurements and movement assessments, and apply that information to our work on the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit™.

The Guru DFU™ is a computerized robotic assisted bicycle fitting system that drastically increases the efficiency and experience of the fitting process by manipulating a rider’s position while he or she is pedaling. The software, based on the client’s body morphology, suggests a starting position for the fitter in using XY coordinates. Dick Drummond, a Guru certified fitter, will then dial-in the different aspects of the fit (seat height and setback, top tube and stem length, crank length and pedal position) until power, cadence, and comfort have all been optimized. Once your ideal measurements have been determined, we set the DFU™ up with your choice of handlebars, saddle and shifter hoods to either mimic your current setup, or validate the plan for your perfect new ride. We record all these measurements, provide them to you, and when relevant, directly apply them to helping you choose or build up your ideal bicycle, all for $350.