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Summer is here and so is the busy season! Service scheduling change

Summer is here and so is the busy season! Service scheduling change

Looking for a service on your bike? Here's a short update on how we are doing in the shop.

It looks like spring is turning into summer here in the Upper Valley. The fantastic weather we have been having combined with gravel events around the corner (only a few days out from The Ranger) means we have a very heavy service que. In order to keep you riding and let you have your bike for as long as possible, we are moving to a scheduled service system. This means that we are able to give way more accurate estimates of when your bike will be worked on. 


To schedule bike service the new system goes like this:


  1. 1-Call, email, or stop by the shop with your bike.
  2. 2-We will work with you to figure out what service is needed.
  3. 3-We will let you know what the service date for your bike is.
  4. 4-You can either leave the bike, or take it with you and drop it off before the service date.
  5. 5-When the service is done, we send an email to let you know the bike is ready to pick up.


A few notes:


  • -The bike needs to be in the shop by 11am the day before your service date. If you miss this this cutoff, you will lose your spot in the service queue
  • -For example: If your service is scheduled for Tuesday the 25th, you must have your bike at the shop by Saturday the 22nd. 
  • -You are welcome to schedule an appointment over the phone or via email. However, We are unable to promise a day or two turn around as we may need to order parts and that slows down the turn around. We do ask that you bring the bike by the shop some time before your service drop-off to let us asses the bike. This lets us plan for the service and order any parts that we don't normally carry. If we can do an assessment, and all goes well, you'll have your bike back in about 2 days from your drop off.


Another change that we are having to implement is storage fees for bikes left more than 30 days after a service is completed. Please check your email and make sure any messages don't end up in spam. If the bike is left over 30 days, 5$ per business day will be added to the service tab. 


We appreciate your understanding and we look forward to using this far more efficient scheduling to get you back on your bikes sooner!


Happy riding,




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